Regenerative Therapy: Dr. Marcus has developed special dry needling (acupuncture) techniques (related to prolotherapy) for patients suffering from pain due to instability. Patients suffering from instability often find that chiropractic and other manipulative therapies give them on short-term relief. By needling the ligaments responsible for stability a process of healing and strengthening is initiated. This is achieved by activation of fibroblasts (speical cells that can transform into ligamentous and tendinous tissues).
Herbology: The effective use of Chinese herbal medicine is the world's most documented form of herbology. We often combine herbs based on Chinese and Modern medicines.
Nutrition: A healthy diet is necessary for optimal health. Food supplements can add essential nutrients that may be missing in your diet. At higher doses, some food supplements can also be therapeutic.
Infrared Photonic Therapy: By stimulating nitric oxide and ATP (the energy within all cells), infrared light can increase circulation as well as decrease inflammation and stimulate healing. Infrared light has been shown to be very effective in treating diabetic neuropathy as well as other pain syndromes. Infrared therapy is also effective in treating injuries and speeding recovery after surgical procedures. Infrared can be used as an alternative to needles to stimulate acupuncture points.
Acupuncture and related techniques: The insertion of thin needles into the skin according to Oriental Medicine theories in order to achieve balanced bodily functions. Other related techniques we use are moxibustion (the warming of acupuncture points by burning of special herbs) and cupping (the application of suction cups to increase circulation). When appropriate, we use several devices (such as electrical or magnetic stimulators) to stimulate the needles.
Manual Therapy: Manual therapy refers to a variety of body work and massage techniques that treat muscles, joints and other structures of the body. Most of these are gentle and do not result in any trauma. We use both western osteopathic and eastern approaches such as: Tui Na, Muscle Energy, Counterstrain, Functional Techniques, Cranial Sacral, and more.
Orthotics: Orthotics are physical aids that support biomechanical body functions. Foor orthotics are often used to correct poor foot mechanics which can be responsible for mechanical problems and pain throughout the body.
Exercise: Exercise is extremely important in keeping us healthy and especially in addressing chronic pain. We educate out patients in both Western and Eastern approaches to therapeutic exercises.
At our clinic we use a comprehensive approach to identify the type and source of pain or disease. We use both state of the art advanced technologies and ancient traditional Chinese medical techniques. Our integrative approach can identify the underlying mechanical or medical problem and help you cure the problem rather than just mask the symptoms. To achieve this goal we use: